About Me

If you reached to this point you might be interested in the work I do as a solution architect, software architecture, consultant or developer.


🧑‍💻 Who am I

My name is Robert Sicoie, I live in Cluj-Napoca, heart of Transylvania, Romania.

I am a father and a husband.

🎯 My work

For more than one and a half decade I have been working with both services and product companies activating in different business domains, like manufacturing, automotive, betting, e-commerce, retail, financial services or public services.

My mission is to empower clients and development teams and help them build the right software products in an efficient way. I combine client business needs with effective software architecture and agile software development practices to deliver value.

👁️ My vision

My vision is that transforming business processes into effective products should be a clean, iterative, and efficient process.

🛠️ What I do

I am working with organizations of all sizes helping them to improve their technical stack. Usually these are companies that are struggling to scale their software products, to develop software to support their growth or to modernize their existing legacy software.

🛬 How I do it

My approach is to consult your organization and correctly frame the problem, define solutions for the identified architecturally significant requirements and then guide your development teams in delivering the solution.

I worked with Java, Java EE, Quarkus, Spring Boot, Spring, C, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, Node.js, React, Angular, SSE, WebSockets, Apache HTTP Server, Nginx, Flutter, Android, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Apache Helix, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Bash, Ansible, SAP Hybris, Keycloak, CAS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Solr, and many other technologies.

💬 Let’s talk

Are you a CEO / CTO / technical leader? If you are open to discuss any challenges you or your team might have, I’d be delighted to set aside some time with you for a quick call.